I’d Write the Sea Like a Parlour Game


Author: Alison Dyer
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 150
Dimensions: 7 x 5 x .5 in
Weight: .4 kg
Published: April 20, 2017
ISBN: 9781771031042

Richly imagined and evocative, I’d Write the Sea like a Parlour Game explores the diversity and resilience that inhabit life at the margins, from tuckamore trails to the streets of a coastal city, with intimacy and often wry humour. This debut collection heralds an imaginative new voice, steeped in curiosity, and takes a fresh look at ageless poetic terrains.



“The poems in Alison Dyer’s I’d Write the Sea Like a Parlour Game are steeped in realism, particularly in the Newfoundland environment, its landscapes, streetscapes, rocks, flora and chickens… Dyer’s imagination engages nature not to dominate but to fuse perception with language, which she does admirably, page after page, often in miniature, and with surprising and affecting metaphors (as in the title poem). Her confident lines are textured and musical: “Knuckles of quartz punched out of bruised purple sandstone/ sea blue with scratch marks from wind and current, /and twinkling pools like barrels of marbles spilt” (Tattoos of Signal Hill). These poems are a love song to place and are to be savoured.”

– E.J. Pratt Poetry Award jury

“I read this beautiful collection of poetry while sitting in the dramatic and diverse landscape that Alison Dyer writes so well. This evocative collection of poetry takes us beyond the tourism ads for Newfoundland and illuminates the details of leaf, rock, and chicken coup. This is Newfoundland ungentrified. Dyer gives us the place and the people with sharp imagery and a wry sense of humour.”

– Susie Taylor

” I have recently discovered a delightful book of poetry written by Alison Dyer who lives in Newfoundland. While many might think that Newfoundland is a fog bound fishing place, Alison’s poems reveal a much more varied and warmer place, where children explore the rocky shores and the dark forests beyond, where storms gallop across the sky and moose live in bottles! Suddenly it’s a magical place which these poems bring to life. Read them and be enchanted. You won’t be sorry you did!”

– Goodreads

“The eagerly anticipated first collection by poet and naturalist Alison Dyer is an exquisite book of exquisite poems in a wide range of forms. In her poems, humans are, as they should be, as much part of nature as flora and fauna. She has the training, education and experience to know what she is looking at and the poet’s heart to express it. In this, Dyer’s first book, she bids fair to becoming one of Newfoundland’s major poets”

-Goodreads – David Benson

“I purchased Alison Dyer’s book of poems almost a month ago and have been slowly devouring it poem, by poem. What a delight! If you have been to Newfoundland then the delight is doubled, but if not, then you will be wanting to head that way soon. Alison’s images and language about life on the rock are full of warmth and laughter, sweetness and sorrow, sunshine and fog. It’s truly a book to savour. Get a copy. You will see what I mean. Then go to Newfoundland…”

-Amazon – Michael Bradley

“I won this in a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway…thank you to the author & publisher! This is a little book of beautiful, evocative, and exquisite poems that I will read again and again. While reading, I could hear the surf, feel the wind, smell the seaweed, and witness the beauty and drama of nature as though I was there, transported by Alison Dyer’s poetry. She is an artist using language as her paintbrush, and skillfully painting every scene with an emotional and sensory celebration. A wonderful collection of little masterpieces.”


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