Current Magazine Raves About Beckel’s Silence of Stone.

“[Marguerite and Thevet’s] dialogue, paired with Marguerite’s embittered internal monologues, make for some razor sharp commentary on love, life, and even God himself…the end product is a novel with broad appeal. For the literary crowd, Beckel has produced a well written and stylistically distinctive novel…for those just looking for a good story, she has told us a classic one, and done so in a rhythmic, engaging way. Also commendable here is Beckel’s impeccable character development. Even the vernacular and mannerisms are captured well…she shows us marguerite, she doesn’t just tell us about her…Beckel’s innovative diction will resonate in the reader’s head long after they’ve put he book down. You can read any passage from it and know that it is an excerpt from Silence of Stone, and what better testament is there that a novel is well-crafted? …[Silence of Stone] speaks to the universal echo of our past in our present; how there are moments in our past that we may never escape.

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