“Beckel’s Musical Prose” Earns Silence of Stone Two More Glowing Reviews

“All her narration has a compelling dream-like quality about it…thanks to Beckels’ musical prose…[her] powerful and haunting prose breathes singular life into a shadowy historical figure. She combines vivid description with hazy recall. As Marguerite remains unsure what is real and what is not – and what is the spiritual world – so do we, as readers…You won’t want to interrupt your reading to cook supper, drive kids to school or do whatever other mundane chores…”

 – Northeast Avalon Times, May 2008


“Beckel’s novels are drenched in history, or, more specifically, herstories. She writes of women in imperiled times…Silence of Stone is the imagined narrative of Marguerite de Roberval, marooned on the Isle of Demons for many months in the 16th century…The woman who was set ashore was not the same woman who was rescued hundreds of days later.  This novel is the story of the cauldron, the crucible that reshaped her, physically, mentally and emotionally…All this is described with immediacy and conviction – the slime of meat going off, the firing punch of the unfamiliar gun, the bitterness of the local flora. The research deftly underplays the narrative, which is succinct, graphic and lyrical.”

 – Joan Sullivan, The Telegram, May 18/08

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