“As Witty As the Ocean Is Wet” The Current’s Chad Pelley Raves About Fred Armstrong’s Happiness of Fish

“Like many great books, Happiness of Fish is a novel about a man trying to make sense of his world. But what sets this book apart from most of its kind is Armstrong’s magnificent style of writing and refreshing new approach to such a book. He is insightful without being melodramatic, which is harder than it sounds, and he writes in a hilarious tone, yet this is still quality literary fiction. Like you’d expect for a novel like this, he is embittered and self-deprecating, but in such a funny and readable way. It’s the kind of book you laugh out loud at as you nod along in agreement…This is indeed a story of “middle-aged dithering,” and it really is quite funny and witty. But what I really want to stress here, wit, humor and thematic speculations aside, is that Fred Armstrong is a great writer, and an original writer. The litmus test for a writer, in my eyes, is how well he or she can capture something in words. He passes this test at least once a page….Fred Armstrong’s writing is like nicotine and fireworks married in a synergistic bliss. Most people will enjoy this for its lighthearted and humorous surface value, and deeper readers will marvel in the greater subsurface connotations.”

Read The Full Article Here: http://chadpelley.wordpress.com/2008/05/30/as-witty-as-the-ocean-is-wet-a-review-of-happiness-of-fish-by-fred-armstrong/

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