June Brings More Praise For New Breakwater Titles

midwestbookreview.com declares Silence of Stone “Highly recommended to community library historical fiction collections.”

Atlantic Books Today‘s Clare O’Connor: “Clen Carter immediately establishes a tone of mystery and tension in the opening pages of Angels of Maradona…with each new page, Jack Doyle becomes increasingly real…hoping he can right a terrible wrong and find absolution in the process.”

The Telegram‘s Joan Sullivan on Robert Rayner’s Footprints: “This is a good story for young adults: astute, contemporary and engaging…the configuration of the teenagers’ relationship is the fulcrum that moves the drama…the friends support each other, and each needs and understands each other…this story succeeds in explaining how the teenagers react as strong characters and yet are reacting against a backdrop composed [of] forces beyond their ken or control.”

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