“Assured and Brimming With Excellence” Christie’s Poetry Enjoys a Summer of Widespread Positive Review

“Assured and brimming with excellence…this poetry is drawn from historical documents, an intriguing foundation…they make for a fascinating starting place for poems hailing from a harsh frontier…yielding treasures of imagery and feelings that meet at a subtle junction of the spare and sacred. The words form a structure within which anthropology meets religion meets biology.”

 – Newfoundland Quarterly, Vol. 101, number 1.

“Combining Larume’s last will with Edwin Curwen’s journals and his own experience of the Labrador coast…[Christie] sketches a sense of that bygone era. “

 – Harold Walters, The Packet, July 07/08


“Author Anthony Christie has given voice and purpose to a unique time and place…his engaging work of fiction transports readers to rustic red bay, Labrador…The stirring collection takes the reader on a journey, and offers a haunting connection to characters who lived, worked, and moved in a century and culture starkly removed from our own.”

 – Mount Forest Confederate, August 13/08 

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