Breakwater Publishes Nicole Lundrigan’s Much Anticipated Third Novel, The Seary Line

Lundrigan’s previous novels have been praised by the likes of Canadian literary iconLisa Moore, who the-seary-line-blogendorsed her last novel, Thaw, to The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Canon, who listed Lundrigan’s first book, Unraveling Arva, on her top ten books of 2004.

The Seary Line is a collage of interactions that explores the strength of a bloodline, and the often minute, but significant energies that propel a life forward.

Nearing death, an old man laments his poor choice of a wife, and has orchestrated a situation where he will see his childhood love one last time. From these circumstances emerges Stella, a woman who grapples with her family ghosts as they reach across the generations.

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