“A Triumph of a Book” The Vancouver Sun Reviews George Rose’s Cod

“…for the whole story, you’ll want to read George A. Rose’s Cod: The Ecological History of the North Atlantic Fisheries. This is an ambitious effort to tell the entire epic tale. It begins with the geological emergence of the Grand Banks half a billion years ago, traces the evolutionary origins of cod about five million years ago and carries on through the early aboriginal period, the age of exploration and the rise and fall of Newfoundland’s outport culture to the final reckoning and the present day. It’s a triumph of a book. Although it’s nearly 600 pages long and the author is a fisheries scientist, Cod is written in plain and lively language. Lushly illustrated and assiduously researched, it cuts no corners but still deftly manages to weave the fascinating human history of Newfoundland into the saga of its complex marine ecology.”

Breakwater Publishes Eric Sparling’s Unorthodox Debut Novel, Tantramar

“An important addition to Atlantic fiction…Eric Sparling has given us a novel that is sensitive, sad / funny tantramarand very real. The characters, especially Dante, leap to life.”
– Helen Fogwill Porter,author of January, February, June or July and Finishing School

“This is the story of my mother’s death, my father’s lighthouse, my slutty sister and the dog I betrayed.” A heart-felt, at times funny, coming-of-age story set in Nova Scotia about a quirky couple who adopt a 16-year-old girl when their son, the main character, is 14.

Breakwater Publishes Susan Stafford’s Exciting New Book For Young Readers, Pocket Pegasus

” This is one of the best books I have ever read…I absolutely loved it.”

– Alice W., age 11

“it is so good I could read it a hundred times — I’m serious.”

– Amanda P., age 10

“It was a very captivating read, and I hope this is the first book in a series. Flash is a great character and very easy to fall in love with.”

– Josclyn J., age 14

“A truly amazing book for all horselovers. I really liked it.”

-Emilee M., age 10

Laura Connor’s summer suddenly switches from boring to magical flying mayhem when her favourite Pegasus model horse, Flash, comes to life during a violent thunderstorm. Follow their adventures as fantasy collides with reality and Laura tries to keep her two-hand-high, walking, talking, flying equine a secret from the rest of the world.

For more information visit www.pocketpegasus.com


Glen Carter’s Angels of Maradona Sells Through Its First Print Run

“A Gripping Page-turner, you can sense the journalistic experience from the author.”

 – Kevin Kelly, The Newfoundland Herald

“The sentence structure is short, precise, driven and full of action, as suits an action novel.” 

 – Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

“…stands shoulder to shoulder with best-selling thrillers published by any of the mass-market publishers.”  

 – Harold Walters, The Packet

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Lundrigan’s The Seary Line Lauded Twice This Saturday, by The Globe and Mail & The Telegram

“[The Seary Line] is a character-driven tale and Lundrigan’s gift is to create memorable ones…The mysteriesthe-seary-line-blog here are those that make up a life; the characters are haunting and evocative…there’s more than enough suspense to keep the story moving and the settings are great. Lundrigan, a native of the Newfoundland Outports, knows her people and place…”

– Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail, October 04/08

“The Seary Line is steeped in her brand of Newfoundland Gothic, of characters, dilemmas and settings that are…tweaked to a pitch of loneliness, defect and calamity all of their own…children are lost, or punished for the sins of their parents. Lovers are thwarted by overcoming fate or their own momentary perversities…”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram, October 04/08