Lundrigan’s The Seary Line Lauded Twice This Saturday, by The Globe and Mail & The Telegram

“[The Seary Line] is a character-driven tale and Lundrigan’s gift is to create memorable ones…The mysteriesthe-seary-line-blog here are those that make up a life; the characters are haunting and evocative…there’s more than enough suspense to keep the story moving and the settings are great. Lundrigan, a native of the Newfoundland Outports, knows her people and place…”

– Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail, October 04/08

“The Seary Line is steeped in her brand of Newfoundland Gothic, of characters, dilemmas and settings that are…tweaked to a pitch of loneliness, defect and calamity all of their own…children are lost, or punished for the sins of their parents. Lovers are thwarted by overcoming fate or their own momentary perversities…”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram, October 04/08

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