“Something Extra Permeates This Novel” Atlantic Books Today’s Bruce Johnson Gives The Seary Line a Glowing Review

“Lundrigan plaits a rich braid of tales, as effortless to read as it is to believe. The places and events that surround and shape Stella are richly rendered through a crafted style that is never affected or merely ornamental…As with celebrated Newfoundland pre-cursors, including Bernice Morgan’s “Ned” (Random Passage) or Michael Crummey’s “Wish” (The Wreckage), many of the supporting characters framing Stella are also compellingly real. Stella’s husband Leander, a man with mysterious power to find the lost, is particularly vivid… While enlisting the vernacular outport culture, Lundrigan resists the easy, precarious fall into stereotype. Her use of Newfoundland dialect always seems apt; her engaging of myth and mystery is more natural than forced. Metaphors and harbingers abound, but they are subtle… The Seary Line considers the means by which we each measure a life. This sensitivity separates the story from myriad multi-generational, historical novels that simply restore the flavour of an imagined past. While Lundrigan’s pre-confederation outports and characters do charm, and her narrative quickly pulls you in, something extra permeates this novel. It is the bare consideration of memory, regret, and how a single, slipped moment can fix a life.”

 – Bruce Johnson, Atlantic Books Today. 

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