Lundrigan’s The Seary Line and Its “Rich Domestic Detail” Praised in the Latest Newfoundland Quarterly

the-seary-line-blog“In The Seary Line, Nicole Lundrigan has woven a multigenerational tapestry that explores the changing world of women in the fictional outport of Bended Knee, Newfoundland…This novel, Lundrigan’s third, is brimming with sorrow, tragedy, regret and death… Even Newfoundland politics are not broached…so that the affairs and policies of family and community can take centre stage. Lundrigan’s rich domestic details provide all the necessary context of geography and history. Lundrigan is at her best when writing the domestic arts and imbuing them with a poignant sense of meaning. For example, a lost mother’s love for her young boy is found in the outfits pulled from his trunk, and the sadness ‘[t]hat this small boy, so lost in the world, would barely get a chance to feel the affection in the stitches, the touch that lingered in the fabric.’…Lundrigan has a reputation for pitch-perfect dialect, and she earns it again in The Seary Line, But so much of this novel is about what remains unsaid, undiscovered, and unresolved. Lundrigan establishes enough dramatic tension to keep us tuning the pages…The novel’s greatest strength, and the reason to read it, is to experience the lives of such intricately wrought characters…the detail and affection in Lundrican’s stitches…create a cloth of vivid colour and lingering texture.”

Leslie Vryenhoek, Newfoundland Quarterly, Vol.101, number 3.

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