The Western Star lauds The Seary Line as a “dark gem,” and Nicole Lundrigan as a leader of a new wave of fiction


“If there is a new wave of Newfoundland fiction going on, novelist and Upper Gullies native Nicole Lundrigan may be one of its leaders… Mysteriousness and desolation pervade the atmosphere, along with a constant mood of foreboding. Lundrigan writes about Newfoundland the way William Faulkner wrote about the American south… For Lundrigan, it is the inner life of her characters, what they think and say, and the language of their subtle and grand gestures that matter… Lundrigan’s writing is visual and dark — like the brooding images in paintings by David Blackwood. In showing a contemporary reverence for the small and fleeting, Lundrigan solemnizes her characters’ every action — because these slight gestures and small moments fit with what is going on. Of interest to Lundrigan are the connections between love and loss, beauty and melancholy. Her prose is stripped down and restrained, emphasizing the subtleties and brutality of human predicament. The story is rich nonetheless, and intensified through a strong element of suspense

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