Recent Reviews for Chad Pelley’s AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE; Now a Coles’ Bestseller

Chad Pelley’s first novel explores the nature of mistakes alongside the devastating errors of human choice. What shines from this novel is Pelley’s ability to convey his lead character’s pain and inner turmoil; his misery lifts real from the page. We should look forward to the honing and unfolding of this writer’s evolving voice.”

– Bruce Johnson, Atlantic Books Today

“Complex themes woven tightly together … this is a story about brothers, a story of families, entwined and unbound. It is a story of longing, and romance. And it is a story of consequence. There is a streamlined dynamic to the structure and the prose, as riveting and inevitible as a car flying off the wet highway. And the structure is tightly built as a racecar chasis. A very good book.”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

“Brilliantly crafted through thought provoking sentence structure Away from Everywhere will make any reader believe they are one with what they are reading … [a] masterpiece.”

Ivana Pelisek, Interoobang

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Great Plug for A FEW KINDS OF WRONG, and a Fun Contest on Tina’s Blog, ”To Celebrate Women in Non-traditional Work,” Open to Everyone!

Visit Tina’s blog to participate and  win a free copy of the novel, or just to read some of the answers.

Though it wasn’t Tina’s intention, the fact that the main character is a female mechanic will stand out for many readers. In the words of the author, “In my new novel,  Jennifer is a mechanic … Although the book isn’t trying to make any political statements, and Jennifer’s job is not the main focus of the novel, by making Jennifer a mechanic I’ve called some attention to how unusual it is to find women in some fields … So, I’m having a contest to celebrate women in non-traditional work and I want to hear from you!”

Also: Congratulations to Tina for her novel landing a spot in Belletrista’s “New and Noteworthy” North American book list, along side Mavis Gallant, Marina Endicott, and more! See the list here:

Breakwater Author Chad Pelley Wins the 2009 Cuffer Prize!

cuffer prize Chad Pelley the Telegram
Telegram publisher Charlie Stacey (left) chats with 2009 Cuffer Prize winner Chad Pelley of St. John's. Pelley won the $2,000 award for his short story "Holes to China."- Photo by Gary Hebbard/The Telegram


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Breakwater Releases KNOWN UNTO GOD: A Pictorial Memorial to Newfoundland’s Missing During the Great War

Layout 1The Newfoundland armed forces suffered devastating losses during World War I. Known unto God is a memorial to the men in these forces who died during the war and who have no known graves. The book is also a companion guide to the Memorial Bronze Tablets that list their names. The tablets were first unveiled at the Newfoundland Memorial Park in Beaumont-Hamel, France, in 1925. Replicas of the tablets were erected in 2009 in Bowring Park in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Known unto God celebrates these men’s contributions and includes period memorabilia and photographs from private and public collections, some of which have never been published.

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