Darrell Squires of The Western Star Declares Silk Sails “Illuminating and Meticulously Researched.”

Silk Sails Cover

“Illuminating [and] meticulously researched…In a province founded on fishing and shipping, the wide and long-held assumption has been that the presence and contributions of women as ship owner and operators was too small to merit attention. Evans’s book dispels this notion entirely, and exposes it as a gross oversight…Evans lays out the full scope of women’s involvement in the ship business from the 17th century onward while calling it ‘a tragic commentary on our history that we have forgotten these facts.’…This book demonstrates an impressive level of research and depth of inquiry. It makes an urgent and vital contribution to scholarship, while advancing popular understanding of a little-known aspect of our social history. Ask for this terrific book.”

– Darrell Squires, The Western Star

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The Telegram’s Joan Sullivan Praises Tantramar’s “Rich Characterization and Gripping Plot.”


“This is author Eric Sparling’s first novel, and it is an accomplished and multi-layered piece of work…it has resonance, a thematic timber that keeps turning over after the final pages are absorbed…it is also a story with adroit, rich characterization and a gripping plotline. Individuals are built ground-up from their actions, and allowed complexities that continue to emerge to the end of the piece.”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram



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“Ceremonial, Dense and Rewarding,” The Telegram’s Joan Sullivan Reviews Boyd Chubb’s Feral Domicile.


“[Feral Domicile] is devoted to the pleasure and measure of sonnets. His explorations are buttressed in the elegant forms of the poetic device; their calibrated lines, breaks and stanzas, and strict rhyming patterns. They are accompanied by a suite of pen and ink illustrations…this collection is ceremonial, dense, and rewarding. Worth pacing out, in step with the cadence of the enclosed sonnets.”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

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UK’s Biannual Seam Magazine Praises Antony Christie’s Book of “Finely Wrought Descriptive and Meditative Poems.”

last-will-testamentHow good it is to come across this ambitious and successfully accomplished project While the individual pieces stand on their own, the thematic link carries you through finely wrought descriptive and meditative poems, creating an atmospheric sense of place and time It is a book which deepens with re-readingIn the core narrative, poems of honed imagery and detail render their subjects immediate and gripping Precise description and detail are never explanatory or condescending, but rather become the essence of the poem itself Indeed, Antony Christie’s imagination needs no camera to supplement the memorable world he creates.” 

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The Western Star’s Darrell Squires Recommends Robert Rayner’s Young Adult Novel, Footprints


Footprints is an excellent, character-driven short novel for young adults; it’s relevant and contemporary, and the dynamic of the teenagers’ relationship     the depth and nature of their friendship — is the driving force behind the story… [T]he story puts forward a strong central point    that the strongest-willed and decisive of us    teen or otherwise — can become subsumed by stronger and larger forces beyond our understanding or control when we pursue a radical course.”

– Darrell Squires, The Western Star

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The Argosy.ca’ s Sasha van Katwyk “Sold” by Eric Sparling’s debut novel, Tantramar

tantramarFrom the moment I read the back cover quote, I was sold. Tantramar, Eric Sparling’s first book, is a novel of genuine sentiment, quiet wisdom, and darkly funny prose. The story follows a boy through some of our most cherished and sometimes most undesired certainties of life…Sparling confronts it all with an unremitting authenticity and emotion that suffuse only the best of coming-of-age stories…With characters played out realistically and with hints of true humanity, the unfolding of Dante’s story can hit a cord within every one of us. Sparling writes simply and subtly, making the only 131 page book a fast read, but also one that leaves you turning back to page one to start all over again. There are elements for every reader; from those who enjoy finding hidden truths and literary references to those who are looking for a wonderful story that lets you sink in deep and finish the book fulfilled. To speak of the humour in it alone, it’s like a British man and his martini; dry, sharp, and heavy on the conscious. For anyone who appreciates their own cynical side and mixing it into their wit, this book will be your kindred-spirit. 

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Silk Sails’ “Painstaking Research” Commended in Latest Downhome Magazine

Silk Sails Cover“Flipping through many history books written about Newfoundland, you may be led to believe that this place was very much shaped and influenced by the powerful men of the times. However, little mention of the fairer sex should not be taken as a sign that women were of little consequence back then. According to Calvin D. Evans in his new book, women of this island were, in many cases, forces to be reckoned with. They owned ships, managed successful enterprises and worked jobs in fields believed to be reserved for men. Evans’ book is the result of painstaking research, including details about hundreds of powerful, influential women of the last two centuries.


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