The’ s Sasha van Katwyk “Sold” by Eric Sparling’s debut novel, Tantramar

tantramarFrom the moment I read the back cover quote, I was sold. Tantramar, Eric Sparling’s first book, is a novel of genuine sentiment, quiet wisdom, and darkly funny prose. The story follows a boy through some of our most cherished and sometimes most undesired certainties of life…Sparling confronts it all with an unremitting authenticity and emotion that suffuse only the best of coming-of-age stories…With characters played out realistically and with hints of true humanity, the unfolding of Dante’s story can hit a cord within every one of us. Sparling writes simply and subtly, making the only 131 page book a fast read, but also one that leaves you turning back to page one to start all over again. There are elements for every reader; from those who enjoy finding hidden truths and literary references to those who are looking for a wonderful story that lets you sink in deep and finish the book fulfilled. To speak of the humour in it alone, it’s like a British man and his martini; dry, sharp, and heavy on the conscious. For anyone who appreciates their own cynical side and mixing it into their wit, this book will be your kindred-spirit. 

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