“A Witty Novel with a Great Deal to Offer.” Author/Critic Trudy Morgan-Cole on Elizabeth Murphy’s An Imperfect Librarian


An Imperfect Librarian is a quirky, witty novel with a great deal to offer — in particular, the best fictional depiction yet of what it feels like to be a “come from away” in the city where everybody knows everyone’s name…Elizabeth Murphy is at her best as a writer when exploring the St. John’s setting. She not only captures the sense of this place perfectly with rich and telling detail; she also does a convincing job of showing it to us through the eyes of an outsider…Another layer of richness to the book is the love of libraries, books and bibliophiles that comes through in the story.  The library setting, complete not just with books but with territorial and competitive librarians locked in endless workplace struggle with each other, is as vividly detailed as the broader world of St. John’s.”

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