Robin McGrath of The Telegram Declares A Life of Caring a vivid, dynamic, and Intriguing Book

A life of Caring CVR FINAL.pdf

“A vivid and dynamic book … The vivid contrast between what these pioneers were expected to do, and what they received in return, is a reminder that there was a time when nursing was a calling, not a job … each and every one of them had a huge impact on numerous lives … each story has something unique, some details or turns of events that surprises and intrigues.”

– Robin McGrath, The Telegram

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The Telegram dubs Silk Sails an Essential Book

Silk Sails Cover

Silk Sails puts the lie to that myth [that women did not own or control ships] with an encyclopedic examination of the ships’ registries, listing every woman known to have ever owned, mortgaged or had shares in a ship … Anyone with a background in the fishery, which probably means anyone in Newfoundland, will come across familiar names in Silk Sails, which fortunately has an index to both the women and their ships … Silk Sails goes on the shelf with Story’s Dictionary [of Newfoundland English], Seary’s Family Names [of the Island of Newfoundland] and a few dozen other essential works.”

– Robin McGrath, The Telegram

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