Breakwater Releases Trudy Morgan-Cole’s Highly Praised Family Saga, By the Rivers of Brooklyn

Brooklyn“With this novel, Trudy Morgan-Cole has broken new ground. It is permeated with memorable characters and a strong sense of place. A finely nuanced novel that is a pleasure to read.”
Joan Clark, award-winning author of An Audience of Chairs and Latitudes of Melt

“Morgan-Cole has a fine eye for significant detail, a keen ear for preciseness of time and place and an overall ability to mine the emotions of her characters.”
M.T. Dohaney, award-winning author of A Marriage of Masks and The Corrigan Women.

“You will be swept away by this story.”
Tina Chaulk, award-winning author of This Much Is True

“By the Rivers of Brooklyn is one of the most satisfying novels I’ve ever read…[it] establishes her as a writer to be reckoned with. I literally could not put it down.”
Helen Porter, award-winning author of january, february, june or July and Finishing School

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