The Telegram Features Trudy Morgan-Cole in the Article “Writer Finds Inspiration in Lives of Ancestors.”

Brooklyn“There’s a scene in Trudy Morgan-Cole’s new book where a character goes to a Brooklyn cinema to see a movie at the height of the second world war. Watching a piece about the war during the pre-movie news reel, the person recognizes someone they know being carried, injured, on a stretcher, though they haven’t yet received word that their loved one has been injured or killed.

While the majority of the book is historical fiction, that scene is based on a real-life event.

‘That happened to my great-uncle,’ Morgan-Cole explained. ‘He saw his brother in a news reel and made the projectionist play it over and over until he was sure it was his brother … that’s the kind of thing that you couldn’t make up, but if it actually happened, it’s too good not to put in the story.'”

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