Breakwater Releases Award-winning writer Chad Pelley’s debut novel, AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE

Away-from-Everywhere-web“Gripping from page one, Away from Everywhere is a finely crafted novel from one of the most talented young writers to come out of Newfoundland in recent years.”
-Kenneth J. Harvey, international bestselling author of Inside and Blackstrap Hawco

“This emotionally wrenching story made me cry. It also made me lament not having written it … A fascinating and tender portrait of a soul in torment. The text is articulate and lyrical.”
– M.T. Dohaney, award-winning author of The Corrigan Women

With lifetimes worth of blood, violence, delusion and broken love, this is no redemption story.”
– Kathleen Winter, award-winning author of boYs

Brothers Owen and Alex Collins are brought together when mental illness claims their father and sets off a chain reaction of unrelated, heart-breaking events. Both tender and bold in its delivery, Away from Everywhere cuts no corners in telling the story of their crushing childhood, the reasons the brothers become different men, and the unthinkable act of love that tears them apart.

Part warped love story, part family tragedy, Away from Everywhere is a heart-stomping pageturner.

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Breakwater Releases Christopher Pratt’s New Book: An evocative 160-page “Self-portrait”

Ordinary-Things-[web]Insightful and thought-provoking journal entries, from the 1950s to 2007, on the creative process, art, life, and province of renowned Canadian artist Christopher Pratt. Ordinary Things is laced with astute observations that summarize the artistic process, and the motivations and contemplations of not only an artist, but any man. It contains slices of truth about life and Newfoundland itself, and the dynamic world of the ordinary, on which Pratt has drawn so heavily on in his work. These passages have an obvious appeal to anyone in the arts, though they will have a deep resonance with a broader audience as well.
Ordinary Things paints with words and evocative self-portrait of a renowned Canadian artist.


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Breakwater Releases Syr Ruus’s Award-winning Novel, LOVESONGS OF EMMANUEL TAGGART

Lovesongs-[web]Things no longer look the same for 45-year-old Emmanuel (“M”) Taggart. Thinking he has a bad case of the flu, M leaves the office to embark on a road of self-discovery. Although the doctors find nothing medically wrong, M becomes convinced that he is suffering from an undiagnosed terminal disease, a brain tumour perhaps. During his brief period of “illness,” Emmanuel is increasingly peevish, irritable, mean, selfish, and nearly impossible for his long-suffering wife, Emily, to withstand. Moreover, M runs into Juhan Lipp, an old man for whom he immediately feels a unique and filial attachment. Juhan seems to have acquired the wisdom that M is lacking. Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart is a comedy, focusing upon the antics and perceptions of an ordinary person as he finally comes to terms with his own humanity.


Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart explores a blurred divide between the commonplace and the surreal.”
– Fred Armstrong, CBC Broadcaster and author of Happiness of Fish

“[A] highly readable novel, full of memorable characters … She writes with wit and grace … The efforts of other characters to solve Emmanuel’s “problem” provide little solace to him, but plenty of humour for the reader.”
– Joan Givner, critic and author

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