Breakwater Releases Christopher Pratt’s New Book: An evocative 160-page “Self-portrait”

Ordinary-Things-[web]Insightful and thought-provoking journal entries, from the 1950s to 2007, on the creative process, art, life, and province of renowned Canadian artist Christopher Pratt. Ordinary Things is laced with astute observations that summarize the artistic process, and the motivations and contemplations of not only an artist, but any man. It contains slices of truth about life and Newfoundland itself, and the dynamic world of the ordinary, on which Pratt has drawn so heavily on in his work. These passages have an obvious appeal to anyone in the arts, though they will have a deep resonance with a broader audience as well.
Ordinary Things paints with words and evocative self-portrait of a renowned Canadian artist.


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