Breakwater Releases Syr Ruus’s Award-winning Novel, LOVESONGS OF EMMANUEL TAGGART

Lovesongs-[web]Things no longer look the same for 45-year-old Emmanuel (“M”) Taggart. Thinking he has a bad case of the flu, M leaves the office to embark on a road of self-discovery. Although the doctors find nothing medically wrong, M becomes convinced that he is suffering from an undiagnosed terminal disease, a brain tumour perhaps. During his brief period of “illness,” Emmanuel is increasingly peevish, irritable, mean, selfish, and nearly impossible for his long-suffering wife, Emily, to withstand. Moreover, M runs into Juhan Lipp, an old man for whom he immediately feels a unique and filial attachment. Juhan seems to have acquired the wisdom that M is lacking. Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart is a comedy, focusing upon the antics and perceptions of an ordinary person as he finally comes to terms with his own humanity.


Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart explores a blurred divide between the commonplace and the surreal.”
– Fred Armstrong, CBC Broadcaster and author of Happiness of Fish

“[A] highly readable novel, full of memorable characters … She writes with wit and grace … The efforts of other characters to solve Emmanuel’s “problem” provide little solace to him, but plenty of humour for the reader.”
– Joan Givner, critic and author

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2 thoughts on “Breakwater Releases Syr Ruus’s Award-winning Novel, LOVESONGS OF EMMANUEL TAGGART

  1. Syr;

    We are friends of your mother Helmi, my wife is Barbara Sargent Valenti, Helmi knew my mother in law well. In any event, I just wanted you to know that we visited her this evening, she is doing so well for someone who is turning 97 this March. She was so proud of your book, she showed it to us, and we are ordering a copy. Just wanted to say congratulations. You certainly have a lot of websites devoted to this.

    Take care

    Matt Valenti

  2. Hi Matt,
    Thank you so much for your message and for your interest in my book. I just happened upon it by chance today (many months later, I see). I was friends with Pat, your sister-in-law, for a short while, and remember Barbara vaguely, since she was younger. My mother has mentioned you to me, and I understand that you’re a great musician. All the best, syr

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