“A Fascinating New Memoir … An Accessible, Revealing and Honest Book.” The Western Star on Christpher Pratt’s ORDINARY THINGS


A fascinating new memoir by the renowned Canadian artist provides new insight into his mind, work, and influences. Pratt’s journal entries on his creative process, from the 1950s to 2007, reveal many of his thoughts and artistic beliefs, and they say quite a bit about his attitudes and feelings about his home province — and about his work within that context. Without so much defending his style and subjects in this book, Pratt clearly feels the need to explain his realist beliefs.

“The subject matter is important to me,” he says. “I am not immersed in the world or philosophies of art; I am not concerned with movements, isms or manifestos, or their small and big ‘p’ politics. “Ordinary Things” by Christopher Pratt, one of Canada’s greatest living artists, is an accessible, revealing and honest book.”

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