Major Rights Deal – The Widows of Paradise Bay

The Widows of Paradise Bay
Author Jill Sooley

Breakwater Books is pleased to announce they have sold German rights for the debut novel, The Widows of Paradise Bay by Jill Sooley. The deal was signed after a lengthy auction to btb Random House, based in Munich. Btb Random House publishes authors from around the world including Margaret Atwood, Frank McCourt, and Haruki Murakami.

The Widows of Paradise Bay is a comedic first novel that follows a young woman, who is recently separated from her husband, from Toronto back to her hometown in Newfoundland. Her mother, in an old-fashioned and misplaced effort to spare her daughter humiliation, takes out an obituary for the husband. When the “dead” husband comes to rescue their son from trouble, the whole town is left reeling, with more questions than answers.

Author Jill Sooley said on Friday, “I’m thrilled with the Germany deal. Random House is a major player on the international publishing scene, so it’s wonderful to be recognized by such a respected organization. It’s also heartening to see that novels set in and about Newfoundland can not only hold local and national interest, but can appeal to an international audience as well.”

The deal with btb Random House was facilitated by Sandra Läderach of the Liepman Literary Agency and also includes Sooley’s untitled next book which she describes as “a new novel which will explore some of the intricacies of the modern-day family, and stepfamily. Like Widows, plan on meeting some strong female characters with their share of problems and triumphs.”

The German edition of The Widows of Paradise Bay is set to be published in 2011-2012. The English edition is currently available at fine bookstores across Canada and through the publisher, Breakwater Books.

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UPCOMING BOOK RELEASE: Danny Williams: A Profile

Press Release
From: Breakwater Books Ltd.
Date: December 3, 2010

UPCOMING BOOK RELEASE: Danny Williams: A Profile

Breakwater Books is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Danny Williams: A Profile in February 2011. This important book highlights the career of one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most prolific premiers.

From the campaign trail to the aftermath of Hurricane Igor, from meeting Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla to delivering his resignation address – Danny comes to life in over 150 striking images and evocative text describing his political career and achievements in office as well as the personal side his constituents know and love.

Breakwater President Rebecca Rose said on Thursday, “We’re thrilled to be releasing this book in the new year. It was originally scheduled to be published next fall, after the provincial election. With Danny’s recent resignation we didn’t see a need to wait any longer – we now have the final chapter.”

Multiple award-winning author and Editorial Page Editor of the Telegram Russell Wangersky enriches the photos with in-depth commentary, creating a portrait of Danny that is nostalgic, entertaining, and unforgettable.  Professional photographer Paul Daly’s photographs span the political career of Danny Williams and have been featured in news media across Canada including the front page of the Globe and Mail.

For more information please contact Anna Kate Newman.
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Book Launch Tue, Nov 2

Come join us for a book launch for “Sick Joke:  Cancer, Japan & Back Again” a memoir by author Glenn Deir.

The launch will be held at The Ship Inn at 265 Duckworth St. St. John’s, NL. The author will be present to read from this book and also to sign purchased copies!

Sick Joke is one quirky travelogue. Glenn Deir spent two years happily stumbling through the conundrums of Japanese culture. Then he got tonsil cancer and less happily stumbled through the conundrums of medical culture. Sick Joke is a tale of two journeys told simultaneously that will make you laugh out loud.

Glenn Deir is a Provincial Affairs reporter with CBC television in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He’s a passionate world traveler, and has never turned down any food he’s been offered. Once a year he’s transformed into a person he doesn’t recognize and becomes a hunter of caribou or moose. Sick Joke is his first book.

Glenn Deir signing copies of "Sick Joke"

Book Launch: Where Old Ghosts Meet

Please join us at Shamrock City (340 Water St.) in St. John’s on Tue, Sept 14 to celebrate the launch of Where Old Ghosts Meet, a new novel by St. John’s author Kate Evans at 7-9 pm.

Kate will be present to read from her book and also to sign copies. Snacks will be served and please stick around until 10 pm to hear Connemara play live.

Matthew Molloy, bright and educated, longs to leave behind his miserable existence on a small farm in Ireland. He yields to pressure and sets aside his dream until one day, he walks away, leaving his wife and small son to fend for themselves.

In the summer of 1971, his granddaughter Nora finds herself in Shoal Cove, Newfoundland, where Peg Barry reveals the secrets of Matthew’s reclusive life. The story slips back and forth between Ireland in the early 1900s, a country struggling to rediscover its identity and restore its nationhood, and Newfoundland in the 1940s, a country about to relinquish its nationhood and join Canada.

“Romantic and dark, full of intricate secrets, betrayal, bitterness, and redemptive love. Kate Evans vividly unveils the mysteries of family…. Here are passionate, complex characters, very much alive – they will last.”
– Lisa Moore, author of Alligator and February

“Kate Evans sends her protagonist, Nora, to Newfoundland in search of her long lost Irish grandfather but it is Peg Barry she finds. Peg is as complex and rounded a character as ever you would want to meet. Where Old Ghosts Meet is a familiar story, but few have told it in a language as rich and as precise as Kate Evans.”
-Lillian Bouzane, award winning author of In the Hands of the Living God

“A splendid, gripping story, a mystery, deftly told and with a fine sense of both Ireland and Newfoundland …. Nora is a character to love and Matthew Molloy is a magnificent creation, a maddening, intriguing fella to the end.”
– John Doyle, author of A Great Feast of Light and The Word Is A Ball

Great review for Breakwater’s RAVEN, STAY BY ME

Canadian Children’s Book News reviews RAVEN, STAY BY ME

“van Keuren weaves this beautiful tale around a collection of historical artefacts to bring this period of history to life for children. As her main characters mature, she reveals the roles and responsibilities teenagers carried out at the time – providing an excellent resource for comparison to the world our children live in today. Appropriate for children in the junior and intermediate grades, this novel would complement the study of explorers to North America. It is a fresh perspective that looks at the interactions of the Norse and Inuit and opens students’ minds to another period in Canadian history that is less traditionally discussed.”
-Sandra O’Brien, Canadian Children’s Book News

This book is available at right now for 24% off. Click HERE.

Open for Business

DATE: JUNE 15, 2010


As a result of a fire occurring in the premises adjacent to Breakwater on June 12, our location at 100 Water Street is closed. We expect to announce a temporary location in the coming days. All employees can be reached at their regular e-mail addresses. To reach Breakwater by phone please call 709-722-6680 and your call will be directed to one of our employees.

Direct order fulfillment will resume once our temporary office is secured. In the meantime books are available for purchase through Downhome Distribution and at bookstores nationwide.

Downhome Distribution
(709) 726-5113

For more information please contact Breakwater:
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A Note from the President, Rebecca Rose:

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Thank you for all your support over the last few days. We have indeed been affected by the fire next door, but are extremely grateful to the fire department for doing such a good job at saving our building. Thankfully, we have a second warehouse located in St. Phillip’s and all of the books stored there are safe. In addition, we have most of our electronic files recovered. Over the coming weeks our offices at 100 Water Street will be professionally cleaned and we will take stock of what has been affected by the smoke and water damage sustained. We will in the coming days announce where our temporary offices will be located, but in the meantime you can still reach our staff at the numbers and emails you already have. There are many exciting things happening at Breakwater these days and though this fire will slow us down a step, we aren’t going anywhere. Breakwater has been in business for 37 years and will carry on with business as usual.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Rose, President

Book Launch Going Ahead

Hey friends & supporters. Thanks for all the well-wishes these last couple of days. While we might be bruised, we’re not broken. Our books for tomorrow’s event were in our St. Phillip’s warehouse so the launch is going ahead as planned. Please join us in celebrating “This Ramshackle Tabernacle,” our latest book of short stories, by Samuel Thomas Martin. We’ll be at The Ship (265 Duckworth St., St. John’s) Tue. June 15, from 7-9 pm. See you there!