ORDINARY THINGS by Christopher Pratt receives great review from The Chronicle Herald

Halifax-based newspaper The Chronicle Herald has given high marks to artist Christopher Pratt’s book of memoirs, Ordinary Things (Breakwater, 2009). Review by St. John’s-based freelance journalist, Sharon Hunt.

“Pratt fills this slender volume with thoughts of many things: family, home, jobs, travel and sailing trips, but his main focus is the creative process. In addition to being a great painter, he shows himself to be a gifted journal writer (as he showed himself to be a skilled poet in a previous book, A Painter’s Poems).”

Ordinary Things is a fascinating look at a life and an avocation. It exudes a warmth that Pratt’s paintings and prints have sometimes been accused of lacking.”

“Ordinary Things is also filled with wonderfully descriptive passages. On an afternoon drive, he notices that “they have bullied a new road down the Cape Shore. It is still a wound, but that will heal.”

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