UPCOMING BOOK RELEASE: Danny Williams: A Profile

Press Release
From: Breakwater Books Ltd.
Date: December 3, 2010

UPCOMING BOOK RELEASE: Danny Williams: A Profile

Breakwater Books is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Danny Williams: A Profile in February 2011. This important book highlights the career of one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most prolific premiers.

From the campaign trail to the aftermath of Hurricane Igor, from meeting Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla to delivering his resignation address – Danny comes to life in over 150 striking images and evocative text describing his political career and achievements in office as well as the personal side his constituents know and love.

Breakwater President Rebecca Rose said on Thursday, “We’re thrilled to be releasing this book in the new year. It was originally scheduled to be published next fall, after the provincial election. With Danny’s recent resignation we didn’t see a need to wait any longer – we now have the final chapter.”

Multiple award-winning author and Editorial Page Editor of the Telegram Russell Wangersky enriches the photos with in-depth commentary, creating a portrait of Danny that is nostalgic, entertaining, and unforgettable.  Professional photographer Paul Daly’s photographs span the political career of Danny Williams and have been featured in news media across Canada including the front page of the Globe and Mail.

For more information please contact Anna Kate Newman.
email: annakate@ breakwaterbooks.com
phone: 709-722-6680 / 800-563-3333



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