Agnes Walsh writes Plays from Tramore

Tramore Theatre, located in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the oral history and the cultural traditions of the area. The theatre was founded in 1999, and its sole writer and artistic director since its foundation has been Agnes Walsh. Last month, Breakwater Books published Answer Me Home: Plays from Tramore Theatre, a compilation of plays written by Walsh and performed at the theatre. Walsh has succeeded in bringing the history of the theatre are the culture of the Cape Shore to both the city of St. John’s and to the rest of Canada.

   The title, Answer Me Home, is a haunting expression from the area of the Cape Shore. When communities gathered to tell ghosts stories in the night, during a time before electricity, people would tell their host before leaving to talk until they arrived safely home.  As a way to ward off spirits, they would say, and as Walsh writes, “Answer me home, go on, keep talking. Okay, I’m home now. Goodnight.”


Breakwater Books recently celebrated the release of this title at the Ship. Hosted by actor, writer, and comedian Andy Jones, the event included musical performances by Pamela Morgan and Anita Best. An excerpt from the play was performed with beautiful accents that silenced the room by Christopher Young and Mildred Dohey.

You can purchase a copy of Answer Me Home: Plays from Tramore Theatre here.

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