January Blues? Cheer up with the Breakwater Spring Preview! Part 1: Fiction and Poetry

Buried under snow? Time to cuddle up with a good book… or, at least,  add a few new books to your wishlist.  Here’s a sneak peek at the sunshine coming your way this spring from all of us here at Breakwater Books:

Part 1: Fiction and Poetry

You want novels? We got novels!

Chad Pelley • Every Little Thing • March 2013

978-1-55081-405-7 •  $21.95

EveryLittleThingAfter a shocking family tragedy, Cohen Davies feels isolated, guilty, and numb to everything except the allure of his new neighbor, Allie Crosbie. But when Allie’s father asks an unfathomable favour, Cohen’s decision to help him sets off a chain reaction of irrevocable events. The second novel from acclaimed author and literary blogger Chad Pelley.

“Stylistically fresh, taut with emotional torques and charges, Pelley’s Every Little Thing is can’t-put-it-down compelling.”

—   Lisa Moore, author of February and Alligator

“Compulsively readable from start to finish.”

—   Billie Livingston, author of One Good Hustle and Cease to Blush

Claire Wilkshire • Maxine • March 2013

978-1-55081-402-6 • $21.95

MaxineMaxine Carter finds herself searching for a fresh start: a way around her own gnawing fear. What she discovers is her neighbour’s nine-year-old son, Kyle. Smart, funny, and poignant, Claire Wilkshire’s impressive debut is a novel about overcoming personal fears in a world wracked by private loss and public anxiety, and finding friendship in the most unlikely places.

“Here is a new kind of hero. Noble, funny, cautious, Maxine travels the same road as the rest of us, but in the opposite direction. You may just pull a U-turn and follow her. Wilkshire has written the book we’ve been longing for: a coming of age story, in reverse. Inspiring and triumphant.”

— Jessica Grant, author of Come, Thou Tortoise

Something new for Poetry Month?

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry • April 2013

978-1-55081-408-8 • $19.95

poetry anthGathering the strongest poetry published by Newfoundlanders since the death of E.J. Pratt in 1964, The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry features selections from twelve of the province’s most impressive poets, including Al Pittman, Tom Dawe, Mary Dalton, John Steffler, Patrick Warner, and Ken Babstock. Edited by award-winning poets James Langer and Mark Callanan.

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