No One To Tell: Breaking My Silence on Life in the RCMP


Join us as we celebrate the launch of a stunning new memoir by former RCMP member Janet Merlo

No One To Tell: Breaking My Silence on Life in the RCMP


Wednesday, October 23rd at 7pm
The Masonic Temple
6 Cathedral St. in St. John’s

All Are Welcome! 
Free admission.  Refreshments will be served.

“The impunity of RCMP officers who use obscenity and sex and power as tools in their trade is spreading like a stain on a national icon. Will disclosure force change? No One to Tell is a test case for an organization that was once the pride of the nation.”

— Sally Armstrong, author of Ascent of Women

In 2012, Janet Merlo was among the first female RCMP officers to publicly allege she had experienced sexual harassment and gender discrimination while serving in Canada`s national police force. The women kept silent for so long, she says, because there was no one to tell. In this courageous memoir, Janet recalls how her love of policing was soured by covert and overt sexism within the ranks and by an institutional culture that valued toughness and silence over ethics and accountability.   Tracing her twenty years in uniform, Merlo’s story details the highs and lows of her career in the RCMP – while her mental health and personal life disintegrated. Eventually, the cost of keeping quiet was simply too high, and her story emerges as a lone, brave voice seeking change.    With an introduction by Linden MacIntyre. Edited by Leslie Vryenhoek.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:  Elisabeth de Mariaffi
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
709.722.6680 x226

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