Big City, Downtown! Vicki Murphy’s MOTHERFUMBLER now available at Chapters/Indigo across Canada

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Mommyblogger Vicki Murphy’s hilarious book of tell-it-like-it-is rants and musings, MotherFumbler, is getting so much attention in Atlantic Canada that the rest of the country wanted some of the action, too…

MotherFumbler Cover Image

The creator of the multi-award nominated and a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, Murphy released her first full-length book back in October — and we’re already well into our second printing!

(Hey, Canada! Want to get your hands on a copy? Check the list of store locations below.)

“I always knew I’d be the perfect mother…. So far, I’ve perfected the fetal position.”

When Vicki Murphy brought her new baby home from the hospital, she expected to be greeted by fluttering butterflies and harp-strumming cherubs. You know: the way it is in diaper commercials and the “Yay, You’re Preggers!” books.
Instead, she had a baby boy who didn’t sleep for a year and who could suck the nipples off a cyborg.
Murphy brings her inimitable voice to a book about mothering that fills in what the other how-to guides leave out – and reminds us that when it comes to parenting, we’re all motherfumblers, feeling our way along in the dark, doing the best we can, hoping to come out with our minds intact and a kid we haven’t screwed up – too badly.

Holiday Shopping Alert: Have a mother? Know a mother? Last minute shoppers across Canada can find MotherFumbler now in stock at the following Chapters/Indigo locations:

In Ottawa:



South Keys

In Montreal: 

Place Montreal Trust

Saint Catherine

Pointe Claire

In Toronto: 

Yonge & Eglinton

Bay & Bloor

Eaton Centre

In Regina: 

Southland Mall

In Calgary: 

Chinook Centre

Signal Hill


In Vancouver: 

Broadway and Granville

Robson & Howe

Marine Drive