Shannon Patrick Sullivan

If the stories are to be believed, Shannon Patrick Sullivan was born in St. John&#146s, Newfoundland, in 1976. Public records suggest that The Dying Days is his first novel, though rumours persist that earlier works have been suppressed by the dark powers they offended. Popular legend has it that he was the contestant representing the Atlantic provinces on &quotWho Wants To Be A Millionaire: Canadian Edition&quot… but eyewitness accounts place him amongst the foothills of eastern Europe on those nights, baying in a forgotten tongue at the gibbous moon. It&#146s whispered in shadowed corners that he is currently working towards his doctorate in mathematics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, but no doubt he is being confused with the main character of this novel — for surely no author would base a protagonist so blatantly upon himself. He speaks with cats often, but they rarely respond.