Angel From the North

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Although Hazel Compton-Hart was born in Englee, Newfoundland at the turn of the century, her story continues to inspire many today.

Angel from the North was written by friend Judith Power using Compton’s personal papers and interviews taped during the last years of her life. Angel from the North explores the contribution Compton made to nursing and her role as ambassador for her province and Canada throughout the United States and Great Britain.


Angel of the North is a fascinating book which tells the story of a great Newfoundland woman. It is well written with many stories and anecdotes. There are also many photographs and letters, many of them published here for the first time. It is a story of courage and devotion and brings to life the great struggle for survival in the northe
towns of Newfoundland during the Great Depression.

– Michael McCarthy, The Telegram

Hazel had been an orphan at the Wilfred Grenfell Mission as her daughter Judy tells in this book. Hazel went on to become a quiet legendary figure after the famous and conkoversial iconoclast, Dr. Grenfell and his wife Lady Anne took her to the U.S. and helped her become a nurse so that wrote Grenfell The work I began will be kept alive with people like you.

– Ron Pumphrey, October, 1995

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