Angels of Maradona

Author: Glen Carter
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: January 21, 2008
ISBN: 1-55081-239-4
EAN: 978-1-55081-239-8

In the mountains of Colombia, an old man stumbles sweating and breathless into the Jaguar Forest. Cursed, he feels forced to commit a savage act, and a family is destroyed – his own. From Luis Mendoza’s insanity survivors emerge, but they will not know what their grandfather intended for them, even though they were the ones destined to die.

Decades later, veteran reporter Jack Doyle is about to become his network’s next anchor star. Doyle has always done his job the right way, and when eight girls, including a US senator’s daughter, are brutally murdered, Doyle discovers a trail of blood and drugs that leads to Colombia. It’s where the story is, even if his network bosses don’t agree. Colombia is a country on fire and la violencia means no one is safe, including Doyle and his producer, the beautiful Kaitlin O’Rourke. Narco-terrorists strike. Doyle comes home. Kaitlin doesn’t.

With his career and life adrift, Doyle struggles with the blame for his renegade assignment. Kaitlin was his friend. Possibly much more. Trying to rescue his soul, Jack sets sail. Alone and faltering on the Atlantic Ocean, he receives an astonishing message so bizarre it sets in motion his most dangerous assignment – a covert mission through the blood-soaked Colombian jungle to find a woman who stepped away at dinner and never came back.


“With his taut prose, and gripping storytelling, Carter delivers a stunning page-turner.”

– Rick Mofina, two-time Arthur Ellis award-winning author of A Perfect Grave.

“Angels of Maradona is an entertaining novel that successfully maintains its established tone of mystery and tension…with each new page, Jack Doyle becomes increasingly real”

– Clare O’Connor, Atlantic Books Today

“It has energy, verve and a fresh, fierce drive to tell a story…The sentence structure is short, precise, driven and full of action, as suits an action novel.”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

“Employing his decades of experience as a veteran journalist, Carter has written a very sophisticated thriller…that stands shoulder to shoulder with best-selling thrillers.”

– Harold N. Walters, The Packet

“Glen Carter has matered his debut novel like a pro…[he] is sure to become an award-winning novelist”

– Cindy Bauer,

“You can sense the journalistic experience from the author throughout the novel…there are interesting characters, shady deals, and fast-paced action throughout.”

– Kevin Kelly, The Herald

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