Doctor, When You’re Sick You’re Not Well – Forty Years of Outpatient Humour from Twillingate Hospital

Author: Gary Saunders
Genre: Humour, Non-Fiction
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: May 1, 1998
ISBN: 1-55081-142-8
EAN: 978-1-55081-142-1

A collection of witty Newfoundland sayings, which the supposedly humorless surgeon, Dr. Olds of Twillingate, compiled during four decades of listening to his patients’ fears and hopes.

Olds, an American, cherished Newfoundland outport speech. These startling one-liners, OPDisms he called them, helped him survive many an anxious night on the wards.

After this beloved physician died in 1985, his OPDisms began to gather dust. Saunders, by dusting them off and mounting them against the rich black cloth of outport culture, has created a unique tribute not only to Newfoundland health care workers but also to Newfoundland humor itself.

No one knew better than Dr. Olds that laughter is the best medicine. Newfoundlander or not, this book will make you laugh.

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