Emily: Song of a Newfoundland Life

Author: Denise Batten, Kaaren Batten
Pages: 50
Dimensions: 8 × 10 × .375 in
Weight: .5 kg
Published: April 15 2012
ISBN: 9781897174913

Emily is a story written in verse and based on the life of the author’s maternal grandmother, Emily Nolan, who was born in rural Newfoundland in 1900.

Denise Batten tells the story of Emily’s colourful life, which reflects the lives of so many courageous Newfoundland women of her time. The verses have been put to music, so the story of Emily can be sung – much like a traditional Irish ballad or story song. (An mp3 of the recording is available for download with each book.) Readers will also enjoy the photos of original hand-hooked rugs designed specifically for the project by Kaaren Batten, a gifted Ontario artist. 


“Denise Batten’s “Emily: Song of a Newfoundland Life,” is not an attractive book or a unique book; it is an important work, and a valuable addition to the body of Newfoundland and Labrador books dealing with women’s life writing.”

Darrell Squires, The Western Star

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