Feral Domicile – Sonnets

Author: Boyd Warren Chubbs
Genre: Poetry
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: November 21, 2008
ISBN: 1-55081-249-1
EAN: 978-1-55081-249-7

A figure journeys through his old city, speaking sonnets – some from memory, some from contemporary condition and relationship with his place. He has no way to return home. He is in exile.


“There is at the heart of this book the kind of existential struggle, that when encountered in poetry, we find cathartic and fortifying.”

– Tom Henihan, author of A Further Exile, and A mortar of seeds.

“All golden books are Bibles — art illuminated and brilliant with vision. Few poets succeed in making such books. Among English Canadians, there are Leonard Cohen and Gwendolyn MacEwen. And let us add Boyd Warren Chubbs…[his] art is superb, classical; his words refresh prophecy and chant gospel…Chubbs is able to show us the actual world — one of doom and eternity — that we otherwise refuse to see.”

– George Elliot Clark, Governor General’s award winner for poetry

“This collection is ceremonial, dense, and rewarding. Worth pacing out, in step with the cadence of the enclosed sonnets.”

– Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

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