Historic St. John’s

Author: Les Harding
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
ISBN: 0-921692-52-8

The sight of the burning city was appalling. A roaring, tossing sea of fire, its waves as intervals leaping high in the air, as one great building after another collapsed., lighting up the country all around, and the thick smoke canopy overhead; the crackling of burning beams; the crash of falling roofs; the roaring of the wind, now increased to a gale; the fierce heat and suffocating smoke; the terror-stricken inhabitants flying before the destroyer trying to save some wrecks of their fu
iture and household goods; the cries of weeping women, hurrying with their children to places of safety – all constituted a scene which not even the pen of a Dante could describe.

– An Observer of the Great Fire of 1892

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