House of Hate

Author: Percy Janes
Genre: Fiction
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: April 1, 1992
ISBN: 978-1-55081-023-3

House of Hate is, in the words of Margaret Laurence, “a classic of its kind.” Set in the stark, confining atmosphere of a Newfoundland mill town, this semi-autobiographical novel tells of Saul Stone, an illiterate man whose primitive fury finds its target in his own wife and children.

A brilliant portrayal of existence devoid of tenderness, House of Hate is a tale of human ordeal and of an anguished striving for love in the midst of bitterness. It is, as Farley Mowet has observed, a book unique in Canadian literature.


“A book that opens the mind and lacerates the heart … one of those rare and lacerating books that are part of the very tragedies they describe.”

– Alden Nowlan

“A classic of its kind.”

– Margaret Lawrence, Governor General award-winning author of A Jest of God

“A Book unique in Canadian literature.”

– Farley Mowatt, Governor General award-winning author.

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