Mind Your Eyes

Author: Marian Frances White
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 8.5 × 5.5 × .27 in
Weight: .348 kg
Published: June 30, 2003
ISBN: 9781894294607

Mind Your Eyes is Marian Frances White’s second book of poetry.

Through herdirect yet subtle voice that is carved from the elemental longing of life inNewfoundland, White takes us on a journey through the secrets of herancestral survival, to travels that conjure up the beauty of a Jamaicannight, or a communion with the Greed gods and goddesses. In Mind Your Eyesthere is an underlying current of belonging to a global community, one wherea poem can take us on an encounter with forbidden love and back to thewatchful eye of a lover. In the three sections of Mind Your Eyes, there isroom for readers to move in, get comfortable, and make themselves at home.

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