Author: Vicki Murphy
Genre: Humour, Non-Fiction
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: October 18, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-55081-440-8

I always knew I’d be the perfect mother. So far, I’ve perfected the fetal position.

When Vicki Murphy brought her new baby home from the hospital, she expected to be greeted by fluttering butterflies and harp-strumming cherubs. You know: the way it is in diaper commercials and the “Yay, You’re Preggers!” books.


Instead, she had a baby boy who didn’t sleep for a year, whose cry was the official anthem of Hades, and who could suck the nipples off a cyborg.

That’s just the beginning of this collection of tell-it-like-it-is rants and musings from the creator of and mother of the fiery-spirited (and fiery-haired) boy better known as Turbo Ginger.

Murphy brings her inimitable voice to a book about mothering that fills in what the other how-to guides leave out – and reminds us that when it comes to parenting, we’re all motherfumblers, feeling our way along in the dark, doing the best we can, hoping to come out with our minds intact and a kid we haven’t screwed up – too badly.


There’s always one gal in a female posse who dares to say what the rest of us are thinking. You know the one: she makes you cringe or gasp, and laugh so hard you snort wine through your nose. Vicki Murphy’s MotherFumbler is based on her blog, This little paperback is the antidote for those of you struggling to be perfect when baby crash-lands into your world. You are not alone. Murphy is a natural comedian, but she also writes beautifully about life and loss. The love she has for her family reminds us of ourselves, but she knows that shit happens and she’s not afraid to point it out. With chapters like “Reflections of a Broken Vagina”, “Ugly Baby Alert”, and “Kids are Really, Really Gross”, it’s a perfect baby-shower gift for the new mom-to-be. Really, really.

– reviewed by Lesley Crewe in Atlantic Books Today, Spring 2014

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