On Stage and Off Stage – English Canadian Drama in Discourse

Author: Rolf Altholf
Genre: Drama, Educational
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: July 1, 1996
ISBN: 1-55081-117-7
EAN: 978-1-55081-117-9

This book is a collection of essays on the history and recent development of English Canadian Drama.

Most prominent dramatists are represented in this volume, including the works of Judith Thompson, George Walker, Michael Cook, David French, Dennis Foon, and others are discussed in self-contained essays.

This volume is subdivided into four chapters: introduction, background information, tracing specific developments, and presenting authors and their work. It gives a kaleidoscopic overview and lends itself to discussions at the high school and university level.

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