One Man Grand Band: The Lyrical Life of Ron Hynes

Author: Harvey Sawler
Genre: Non-Fiction
Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
Dimensions: 7 × .5 × 8.75 in
Weight: .5 kg
Published: April 13, 2016
ISBN: 9781550816310

In this long-awaited biography, author Harvey Sawler traces the life of Ron Hynes, one of the most respected singer-songwriters in Canadian history. Through personal conversations and interviews, Sawler captures the spirit of an artist whose stock-in-trade has always been authenticity over mere commercial acceptability, providing rare insight into the life of the man who penned some of the country’s best-loved music. Sawler guides us through the dark times of addiction to the triumphs of songs such as “Sonny’s Dream” and “Atlantic Blue” while capturing the true essence of Hynes and the source of his musical genius.


“…it’s clear Hynes died feeling excited about the book. He’d be happy with the final product: it’s sincere not saccharine, fascinating not celebratory, and will reveal much to even his biggest fans and closest friends.

-The Overcast

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