Queer Monologues: Stories of LBGT Youth

Queer Monologues - Stories of

Author: For the Love of Learning
Genre: Non-Fiction, Young Adults
Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
ISBN: 978-1-55081-458-3

Queer Monologues: Stories of LBGT Youth, produced by For the Love of Learning (FTLOL), offers queer youth a safe, creative outlet to share their concerns, hopes, and personal stories with the community-at-large.

If an individual is unable to be themselves, the consequences can be emotional, physical, and mental harm. When feelings are shared within a supportive group and are received non-judgmentally, self-esteem is enhanced, leading to a healthier way of relating to others, oneself, and the community as a whole.

In 2006, an organization burst onto the scene and swiftly gained a steady footing alongside its community partners. Founded by Robin Grant, FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING is an arts-based charitable organization serving youth between the ages of 15-30, who are working to successfully overcome social and/or economic obstacles. Now in its seventh year, the organization has established a track record of success through a non-traditional program called Watering the Seeds. The program enhances creativity and communication skills and works across a variety of media. This approach encourages youth who have lost faith in traditional or conventional approaches. FTLOL works at street level to engage youth and incorporate their needs. The training and experience of its staff allow an ambitious schedule of projects to be completed, while allowing enough flexibility to adapt to the interests of its youth clientele.


“Moving and often funny, these monologues startle with their honesty and fearlessness. They let you crawl inside someone’s skin for a few moments, someone new but perhaps not so different from yourself. These are brave articulate voices, and despite their youth, very wise.”

– Robert Chafe

“Straight (not) from the gut and deep from the psyche, these portraits of coming out are both tender and daring. They are also raw which is what it takes to be true to oneself so young. These talented youth take us into the next phase of the sexual revolution. Praise be them!”

– Agnes Walsh

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