Raven, Stay by Me

Raven, Stay by Me

Author: Luise van Keuren
Genre: Young Readers
Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: September 7, 2009
ISBN: 1-894377-30-3
EAN: 978-1-894377-30-0

Eleven-year-old Greenlander Inga Sigurdsdottir wakens on a cold and rocky coast after her Norse ship wrecks en route to “Vinland.”

Her one comfort and companion is an injured raven she rescues. When she encounters Inuit hunters, both parties are terrified by the meeting. But when an exhausted Inga rescues a lost child, the girl’s mother insists that the stranded Inga be taken in.

As years pass, the raven becomes Inga’s guardian and comrade. Chance brings her into contact with a company of Norsemen, including her own uncle. Caught between the two cultures, she is compelled to choose between returning to Greenland with the Norse or staying with the Inuit.


“I greatly enjoyed this touching love story. This historically authoritative and heart-warming tale lifts your imagination and brings to life what could indeed have been an actual scenario.”

– Bernd Heinrich, Ph.D and author of Ravens in Winter

“I was immediately drawn to this deep, language rich, and insightful story after reading the first page. The author pulled me into a time and place that was unfamiliar to me, yet her expressive style created a clear picture of Inga, an eleven-year-old Greenland girl shipwrecked off a rocky northern coastline and the telling of her different experiences and difficult decisions she makes along the way; van Keuren does a superb job of weaving words and valuable lessons into this powerful tale about cultural identity, bravery, survival, and a special friendship–including no ordinary raven. A great choice for middle school or junior high level readers.”

-Dr. Joan C. Fingon, Professor of Reading and Education, California State University, Los Angeles

“Van Keuren weaves this beautiful tale around a collection of historical artefacts to bring this period of history to life for children. As her main characters mature, she reveals the roles and responsibilities teenagers carried out at the time – providing an excellent resource for comparison to the world our children live in today. Appropriate for children in the junior and intermediate grades, this novel would complement the study of explorers to North America. It is a fresh perspective that looks at the interactions of the Norse and Inuit and opens students’ minds to another period in Canadian history that is less traditionally discussed.”

-Sandra O’Brien, Canadian Children’s Book News

“Raven, Stay by Me is a chapter book that any reader will enjoy whether read or read-to. A gem of a book in an ocean of printed word.”

-Marilis Hornidge, Lincoln County News

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