S.S. Eagle: The Secret Mission 1944-45

Author: Harold Squires
Genre: Non-Fiction
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Weight: 0 kg
Published: January 1, 1992
ISBN: 0-921692-37-4

This is a true and historical story taking us back to the dangerous and exhilarating days of World War II. The author, Harold Squires, served as Wireless Operator on the eagle (the last of the Newfoundland wooden-walled sealing steamers) while the ship was on a top secret assignment for the British Admiralty to Antarctica.

The author’s account of the voyage is full of information and gives us an idea of the hardships and good times that befell the crew.

…As soon and I stepped outside on the deck I knew the reason for my summons, for a naval corvette was coming towards the Eagle with her Aldis lamp flashing.

As soon as I reached the bridge, Captain Sheppard asked me to reply to the corvette’s signal. I flashed the letter K with our lamp, which was the code word for Transmit your message, we are ready to receive.

I then took down the following message: You are to take up your sailing position as the last ship in column number one and I will follow you out through the Narrows.

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