Seawolves from the North

Author: Michael Mullen
Genre: Young Readers
Dimensions: 12 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: June 5, 1905
ISBN: 0-920911-03-X

Sigmund the Red, a young Viking adventurer, leads his Sea Wolves southwards.

On Iona, panic spreads – they must protect the priceless treasure they have spent years creating. Diarmuid, the boy monk, is charged with protecting the golden book. To save it they must risk the dangers of Corrievrechan whirlpool. A sea chase full of suspense and exciting begins…
Michael Mullen teaches in Castle bar and is the author of Magus the lollipop Man.


Brilliant book…a good nail biting adventure

– E. Badrian (age 11) Books Ireland

Double fascinating … an energy reminiscent of the Vikings distinguishes both text and drawings.

– Mary Leland, Irish Press

One of the finest children’s books ever published in Ireland. It is well written and beautifully designed.

Kathleen Hoing, Librarian, Wisconsin, USA

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