Sketches of Labrador Life

Author: Lydia Campbell
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 8.5 × 11 × .25 in
Weight: .341 kg
Published: November 16, 2001
ISBN: 9781894294270

Sketches of Labrador Life came into existence in 1894, when Rev. Arthur Waghorne gave an exercise book to seventy-five year old Lydia Campbell, asking her to write her own memories.

He subsequently had them published in the St. John’s Evening Telegram. They were again published in booklet form in 1980 by her great-great granddaughter, Doris Saunders, publisher of Them Days magazine. This current publication contains the original manuscript, along with a selection of photographs from the archives of Them Days. Diana Dabinett, best known for her watercolours and silk paintings, has chosen work from Labrador artists to complement the text.

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