Tales of Christmas

Author: Writers Across Canada Online
Genre: Fiction
Dimensions: 128 × 8 × 2 in
Weight: 1 kg
Published: November 15, 2003
ISBN: 1-894377-07-9

Writers Across Canada Online (WACO) first came together on the Internet to share, encourage, critique and read each other’s work.

Now they have come together to present an innovative anthology of winter and Christmas-themed short stories. Running the gamut from traditional heartwarming tales to suspenseful stories, from speculative fiction to emotional memoirs, these narratives showcase new talents from across Canada. The setting is one familiar to Canadians, with its snow and festivities, but it is the underlying themes of the individual stories that make this more than simply a seasonal collection. New writers, fresh ideas, and traditional themes combine to make this anthology a singular contribution to Canadian writing.

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