The Ice Shack

Author: Christian Quesnel, Jocelyne Thomas, Katia Canciani
Genre: Children
Format: Paperback
Pages: 24
Dimensions: 8.5 × 11 in
Weight: 0.1 kg
Published: November 19, 2020
ISBN: 9781550818505

The most beautiful ice-fishing shack on the whole coast belongs to Alphonse. But he can’t seem to catch a thing—not even a sock, or an old pair of underwear! How will he ever win the Best Fisherman Contest?!


“Bold illustrations and a delightfully simple colour palette make this picture book eye catching, with every turn of the page, even though there is no fish catching! Alphonse doesn’t win the Best Fisherman Contest. He wins a much more important prize. A perfect winter time reading and great for fishermen and fisherwomen to share with their littlest minnows!” – Atlantic Book Reviews

The Ice Shack is an entertaining read about Alphonse the ice-fisherman. Alphonse has built himself the most attractive shack around but when it becomes cold and time to fish he can’t catch a thing! And if he can’t catch a thing he wont win the Best Fisherman Contest. He dedicates himself to proving he’s the best fisherman so wholeheartedly he doesn’t even sleep. But because of the lack of excitement of no fish he eventually falls asleep and when he wakes the surroundings outside his shack have changed and so begins his wild whale of a tale! My kids loved this one! And the illustrations are fantastic!” – Bookalong

“The palette of the illustrations includes lots of strong reds and blues and blacks. The texture brings a lot of flow to the sky and water. And the shapes are often playful, even dreamy. As Alphonse saws the wood to build his shack, his long hair flows out behind him, and a bird joins him on his perch (which he’s about to cut off); when he’s astonished, exclamation points form a ring around his head. This whimsy cheer aligns with the tone of ‘The Ice Shack’s’ adventure.” – Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

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