Eldon Drodge

Drodge began his career as a writer following a thirty-four year career in the computer industry. Born in Little Heart’s Ease, Trinity Bay, he moved to St. John’s at a very early age where he was raised and educated. He had never forgotten his outport roots, and had always maintained a great love for the stories of “olden times.”

  • Newfoundland Stories – The Loss of the Waterwitch & Other Tales

    The fourteen stories in this publication comprise a spectrum of characters and events that have helped forge an image of an island, its people, and its culture that is unique and compelling. Heroic deeds, great...

  • Peril on the Sea

    Saturday, February 27th, 1892, dawned unreasonably warm and clear. Rising early to take advantage of the fine weather, two hundred men and boys from many Trinity Bay communities left in their small punts to...

  • Kerrivan

    In the mid to late 1700's, a group of desperate men, mostly deserters and escaped prisoners, as well as indentured men and boys who had run away from their fishing masters, secluded themselves in the wilderness...

  • Jackman

    At the height of the devastating October gale of 1867, a small schooner, the Sea Clipper, was driven onto a reef at Spotted Island, Labrador. Already seriously damaged from an earlier collision with another schooner,...